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Featured 17 Oct How to Optimize your website according to SEO Baidu browser

How to Optimize your website according to SEO Baidu browser

Market share of 70%, SEO Baidu is China’s biggest search engine, captivating over 195 million active users per day.

Baidu introduces a huge opportunity for international businesses looking to target Chinese customers at an initial stage of their journey. 

Firstly, open a Baidu Account by registering the page, translate the page into English, fill up the necessary information and look at  Baidu’s SERP.

SEO Baidu’s page contains two columns containing the most relevant results on its left hand and the right featuring related results. One and the other columns include paid-for ads, just like Google. Baidu prioritizes its own websites by tricking organically rank on Baidu. 

sites on Baidu contain a small ‘V’ icon attached to their SERP snippet as a part of Baidu’s domain credibility system essentially imprints ‘trusted’ sites with a ‘V’ badge to optimize click-through rate to recognize and trust these badges, over a period of time. 


Baidu Vs Google SEO 

Baidu primarily focuses on the China Optimization website,  an understanding of Chinese users, language, and trends. Baidu ranks its own sites by prioritizing its own products in SEO. Baidu prioritizes meta descriptions, tags, and keywords with content based on quality and relevance. SEO Baidu’s is mainly focused on simpler elements of SEO not promotable as google. Add alt-text to your images by making your Mandarin up to scratch by using keywords strategically to Create content for Baidu-owned sites.


Mobile emphasis 

Mobile optimization is of utmost essential and particularly focused on serving a mobile audience because of its one billion active mobile users. 

Link building

Baidu prioritizes backlinks from Chinese websites by putting a heavier weightage on the number of links, not just their relevance.


Baidu usually takes much longer by prioritizing aged domains more strictly than Google. 

Baidu struggles with JavaScript and Flash 

Baidu struggles to interpret JavaScript and Flash creating a huge barrier for many international websites.

Keywords for SEO

Baidu ranks websites according to keywords to prioritize websites with a higher keyword density, regardless of their quality. 

Image results

Baidu doesn’t have the capability to process images, optimizing the image’s alt text is crucial to ranking in Baidu’s image results.

Content freshness

Baidu websites favor frequent content updates requiring sites to keep on top site data far more diligently than international webmasters.

Avoid a deep website structure 

Baidu’s spider’s struggle index sites structured around too many sublevels and webpages struggle to rank on Baidu. 


Build a strong linking strategy 

Baidu SEO factors in both internal and external links backlinks from other websites secure as many as possible from Chinese websites.


Invest in trust score badges 

Although not being a direct contribution to great SEO badges increases click-through rate, which metric Baidu prioritizes. 

Baidu SEO tools consist of the following steps:-


Usage  Baidu’s search bar 

 Baidu’s Keyword Planner utilization.

Third-party platforms, like 

Baidu SEO cost

There are no settled fees for Baidu SEO. It is worth investing in expert support. Our Baidu SEO service costs $1499, also a fixed rate for each new keyword we rank for you on the first page. 


  Measure the success of Baidu SEO strategically:-

  • ROI 

  • Conversions (clicks, sales, leads)

  • Organic Visibility 

  • Organic Sessions

  • Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic

  • Keyword Rankings

  • Backlinks

  • Organic CTR

  • Bounce Rate

  • Average Time on Page

  • Coverage Issues

  • PageSpeed

BAIDU SEO Guidance 


  • Setup Local Web Hosting.

  • Create a Separate Mobile Website.

  • Optimize Crawlable Site Structure.

  • Build Website Hierarchy.

  • Setup Baidu Friendly URLs.

  • Optimize Internal Linking.

  • Avoid Baidu spider Blocking Elements.

  • Configure HTTP Status Codes.

  • Submit URLs to Baidu.

  • Optimize Page Speed.

  • Implement Local SEO.

  • Setup Webmaster and Analytics Tools.

  • Title Clear and Concise.

  • “Black Hats” are barely welcomed.

  •  Use HTTPS sites for Better Ranking.

Create a Corporate Page on Baidu Baike.

Upload Relevant Case Studies, Slideshows, or Whitepapers to Wenk.

Engage With Tieba.

Optimize Image URLs & Alt Tags in Simplified Chinese language.

Create a Corporate Page on Baidu Baike.