SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO uses a combination of META tags (Keywords and descriptions), Web site titles and the manipulation of each search engine and Web directory according to their own specific submission criteria. The result of having your Web site listed on a wide range of search engines and Web directories is the likelihood of an increase in its Web traffic, thereby increasing the potential for business.

It must be stressed that because the Internet has no governing body, there is no standard procedure for search engine registrations; every search engine has its own set of rules, regulations, guidelines anmad submission criteria. Consequently, while the utmost care is taken and expertise is applied to achieve positive results. We cannot predict how high your site will be ranked in search engine results; nor can it be guaranteed that your site will be indexed at all - the individual search engine administrators make that decision.

For each of the tactics listed below, We will submit to you a report documenting every step that was undertaken on your behalf of your web site. It will include a list of the relevant search engines and Web directories at which your address was registered and the details that were submitted. The report will enable you to monitor your site's ranking.

Search Engines: Google, Bing , Yahoo, DMos, Altavista, AOL, Webcrawler, Lycos, Hotbot etc...

Optimization: Keyword, Titletag, Metatag, Browser Compatibility, Robot, Sitemap, Image Alttag, All Pages Optimized

Link Submission: 100 Oneway link Submission SEO Analytics Report: Monthly Report Submitted

Keywords Suggestions: You provide us with 25 or more keywords of your choice, we guarantee any 15 keywords from your list for first page ranking.

Maintenance: Month Fee be charged for reports and keyword position improvements 99.999% Guranteed Ranking, 100% Individual Page Optimized